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How You Can Transform Your Child's Reading Struggles Into Strengths

There are seven core cognitive skills that your brain uses to think, learn, read, remember, and perform. When someone struggles with reading, it is often caused by one or more weak cognitive skills.

One-on-one brain training strengthens the core cognitive skills that your brain needs to read fluidly. By taking the first step and completing a Cognitive Skills Assessment, you’ll discover which weak cognitive skills are holding your child back and finally discover the “WHY” behind their struggle.

With stronger cognitive skills, reading (along with learning, processing speed, memory, and other skills) becomes easier and more fun. Imagine transforming reading struggles into an area where your child can thrive!

Our brain-training programs are backed by science and research, and they make learning, reading, and homework easier. Most clients see significant results in eight months or less

Over 100,000 Lives (And Growing) Have Been Changed Through One-On-One Brain Training

  • When there is a reading challenge involved, weak cognitive skills are usually at the root of whatever challenge your child is facing.
  • If your child is consistently struggling in school, one-on-one brain training (in place of tutoring) can take your child to a higher level of performance.
  • Many parents have spent thousands of dollars on tutoring with little or no results.
  • Stop spending time and money on programs that address the symptoms but not the root cause.
  • Don’t give up. You can finally get the best options for addressing your child’s reading struggles.
  • There IS hope and help for you and your child. One-on-one brain training can deliver the results you’ve been looking for.


Click the image above to download our Client Outcomes and Research Results report to see the positive change brain training has made on over 100,000 children and adults. Learn about significant improvements that LearningRx graduates have achieved in reading and overall cognitive performance.


If hiring a tutor year after year isn’t working for your family, call us. Brain training really is life changing. Kids love the experience, and parents love the results. Click on the image above to watch a short video that explains how improving cognitive performance can help children and adults overcome reading struggles.


Improving your child’s cognitive skills will change everything. Imagine how much different life would be if you saw improvement in your child’s ability to read, learn, think, pay attention, and remember. We’ve helped thousands of children improve their performance in and out of the classroom because of stronger cognitive skills.

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